With her violin and voice at the center of her music, Kathryn Claire weaves together stories and melodies rooted in her classical and traditional musical background while infusing each song and composition with an energy and electricity that is palpable. Her musicality and joy on stage is infectious. Honest and poetic writing, crystalline vocals, impassioned violin compositions, and an ability to move seamlessly across genres, are the hallmark of Kathryn Claire's original and diverse sound. Utilizing the immense talent of her band featuring Allen Hunter on bass and Sid Ditson on violin, Kathryn Claire delivers her own unique brand of harmonic folk-pop.

Kathryn Claire has spent years cultivating her own style and approach to music as a violinist, guitar player, singer, and songwriter.She has toured, performed and taught extensively in the US, Japan, The Netherlands, India, Belgium and France.  

Her most recent solo album, “Bones Will Last” was released in 2017 and features a unique collection of songs and instrumental compositions. 

She and her band are currently working on a new album due out in the fall of 2019.  

Press Quotes

"Claire’s deep vocals combine with exquisite layered orchestrations. These dark, provocative, thoughtful songs engage the listener and elicit deep emotions."


 "The instrumentals play just as profoundly, perhaps more effectively, as if stepping lightly around the graves of the forgotten and the missed."


“The instrumentals contain a dark beauty about them, while the songs burst into melodic gusto, the two continually born of one another.”


“Kathryn is blessed with a lovely, lyrical singing voice, and there’s a natural sense of flow and style to her performing as well as her writing”


"It's hard to decide what is more

appealing, her voice, which soars high

over everything, or her unique take on

the beauty and hardship of daily life"


"The Fugue" (Official Music Video) 2017

Shot in Cannon Beach on the Northern Oregon Coast by Martin Vavra.  "The Fugue" is from Kathryn Claire's 2017 release BONES WILL LAST.

"Everyone Goes" - Live in Portland, OR

Video shot by Alexander Fatal and recoded at Seismic Activities by Sean Flora and Steve Murray in Portland, OR as a podcast.  "Everyone Goes" is an original song written by Kathryn Claire and will be on her upcoming album due out at the end of 2019.  


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